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When your business invests, adds jobs, or relocates, a variety of programs and resources are available to you.  This support can come from states, cities, counties, and utilities in the form of cash grants/rebates, tax credits, tax exemptions, infrastructure development, training support, and cost/fee reductions.

From multi-state site selection projects to single-site expansions, Corsa Strategies brings its expertise to the identification, negotiation, and procurement of state and local incentives.

These incentives play an important role in enhancing the short- and long-term success of your business.

Corsa Strategies Process

Scoping &

When your company is planning growth—such as adding jobs or making capital investments—Corsa Strategies works with you to understand key business outcomes and outline the types of incentives material to your company's success.  Based on your company's objectives, we develop a strategy to secure and maximize state and local incentive support for your project. 

Negotiation &

Corsa Strategies can lead all efforts to negotiate and secure incentive packages for your company.  This phase includes two critical components:

  1. identifying and solving mission-critical challenges such as reducing upfront capital outlays, addressing infrastructure needs, improving long-term financial performance, procuring training and/or relocation funding, etc.

  2. structuring the terms of agreement documents that accompany incentives in order to maximize flexibility for the company while mitigating compliance risks 

Compliance &

While often overlooked, this phase is essential.  To maximize the value of incentives, accurate and timely reporting is key.  Corsa Strategies' approach includes working with you to establish the processes necessary to access incentive dollars as quickly as possible and with the largest bottom line impact.

This type of reporting is required to both realize the value of incentives and to remain in compliance with  state and local agencies.  Corsa Strategies' experience across geographies and industries informs this process to minimize administrative burdens and create optimal outcomes.

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