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Selecting a location to startup, expand, or relocate your company is one of the most critical decisions you can make.  The chosen location will have a direct and lasting impact on your company's productivity, profitability, scalability, and overall success.

Corsa Strategies applies depth and breadth of experience throughout the site selection process, driving decision making that mitigates risk and optimizes business performance.


Employees are the lifeblood of every company.  No business can thrive without access to skilled workers.  Our processes identify locations that provide the talent your company needs and labor costs that align with your specific business model.


Tax & Incentives

Business growth brings with it both immediate and long-term tax implications.  Our work includes multi-site comparative analyses to understand and optimize immediate and future tax impacts.  We focus on a wide variety of taxes including:  property, payroll, inventory, and sales.


Real Estate

Often, corporate growth involves the lease, purchase, or construction of a facility.  Corsa Strategies maintains a strong network of real estate partners across North America.  From due diligence through the final transaction, these partners help us deliver the right real estate at the right time.


Community Fit

It is intangible, but it matters.  Every community and every company has its own personality and style.  We match you with ideal communities to form long lasting, mutually successful partnerships.

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